Human Trafficking Introduction Essay

Compared with other countries, Americans have a greater fear of lions, tigers, and bears due to the multiplicative problem of trafficking.

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Human Trafficking Essay

Human trafficking is disavowed by Americans rather than recognized and assisted. America’s most demented issue might be sex trafficking. Despite laws designed to protect them, most victims of sex trafficking suffer harm.

It is a serious issue in the United States that minors are commercially exploited and trafficked for sexual purposes. State rape laws make it illegal for kids under a specific age to consent to meet with people and have sex. The state still imprisons prostitutes who are victims of rape.

Due to certain laws, sex trafficking victims do not receive appropriate assistance. Other illnesses and physical trauma also affect victims.

A significant reduction in mental health issues can be achieved by preventing trafficking. A strong reduction in the number of victims will be achieved by educating victims about the signs of sex trafficking like suspicious job opportunities. The law enforcement community will also be encouraged to investigate suspicious activities in order to reduce this disgusting form of slavery.

When victims lack basic necessities like dental care or healthcare, the main problem is malnourishment. People who have been victims of human trafficking are more likely to develop mental disorders like panic attacks, and others.

HIV can be contracted by sexually exploited victims. Cross-border transport increases the risk of contracting these diseases for human trafficking victims. People who use drugs can transmit diseases to each other as a result of their drug use.

When a victim survives, he or she is subjected to physical and emotional trauma that leaves others vulnerable. With the growth of the human trafficking industry, traffickers no longer care about their victims’ welfare. Instead, only resources and drugs matter to them. Whenever the slave becomes unfit, sick, or injured, he may be killed.

Among the main targets of the New Abolitionist Movement is sex trafficking. It is vital that all aspects of human trafficking are acknowledged and eradicated throughout the globe and across the country, according to David Canton.

By boycotting and exploiting companies that use slave labor, the New Abolitionist Movement aims to stop monsters from destroying lives. As part of the movement, victims of sex trafficking are also receiving extra assistance. American slaves still exist in the United States and slavery needs to be abolished, according to the New Abolitionist Movement.

A number of tactics have been employed by the movement, including publicity, lobbying, in order to ensure that slavery is eliminated from the United States.

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