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For over a decade, America has maintained cultural, social, technological, and financial independence, helping it become the world's most powerful economy.

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Foreigners from all over the world have been migrating to America in large numbers. Most migrants are motivated by the prospect of a better life and a better job. Immigrants in the current regime, most of whom are illegal, are being subjected to more and more irregularities.

Legal and illegal immigration, however, both have a significant impact on the current American society. In spite of the United States’ reputation as a nation of immigration par excellence, its history is also characterized by multiple attempts to control immigration, whether legal or illegal.

Immigration is viewed as a burden for American society due to the GOP president’s nativist policy.

Yet what are the actual impact of immigration on America’s economy, wages, and employment? In spite of restrictive legislation enacted in the 1980s to stifle the phenomenon, a first observation is required. Recent decades have seen one of the highest waves of immigration in United States history.

According to the US Department of Homeland Security, nearly 45 million were ‘foreign-born,’ i.e., born overseas, out of 324 million inhabitants. There are estimated to be 6 to 11 million illegal migrants in the United States, which is more than twice that of 1990. Other major points include the geographic origin of these migrants, primarily North Americans.

It is important not to ignore the important workforce. In order for the US economy to function, this young, low-skilled labor force accepts low-wage, low-paying jobs in agriculture, construction, or the service sector. As a result of their consumption, their work, and the taxes they pay, migrants play a vital role in the growth of the American economy.

An American Institute of Enterprise study also found that immigrant entrepreneurs create at least two jobs that benefit native Americans. It would be impossible for American prosperity to exist without highly-trained foreigners, including engineers, analysts, and computer scientists.

Given all the above, I believe immigration could even cure the American economy’s ills. The real estate market crisis, for instance, will be settled by immigrants. Due to the oversupply of houses for sale in the US housing market, prices and sales continue to weaken. As of July 2016, there were 3.98 million homes on the market, which is 12.5 months of supply at current prices.

There will be no recovery in the market until hundreds of thousands of homes are sold. Immigrants who promise to buy a home should be welcomed! H-1B visas are highly sought after each year, and tens of thousands of people apply for them each year.

There is generally a high level of training and competence among these workers. In exchange for them buying a home, more H-1B visas should be issued. A saturated market can be quickly transformed by these newcomers. American workers need immigrants to replenish their numbers. While the US labor force continues to grow, the pace of growth has slowly slowed for decades.

The US Labor Office projects that labor market growth will only reach 0.4% per year by 2020 and 0.3% by 2030. The baby boom generation is retiring and the birth rate is declining. Immigrants are already filling vacancies if American workers are not enough to fill them.

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