Martin Luther King Essay

Martin Luther King's speech was created to inspire and motivate the audience in Alabama and persuade them to continue fighting for equality.

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Martin Luther King Essay Thesis Statement

Martin Luther King Jr. is an important figure in American history, remembered for his courageous fight against social injustices and numerous other campaigns he supported. He wanted to see a better world where people would be united, and the goal wasn’t to go down without a fight, but rather to help society come together as one and operate with more respect.

Martin Luther King tried to persuade his listeners that, instead of dwelling on the injustice of the past, it would be best for them to fight for an equal and better future. Martin Luther King was a fantastic communicator who could mesmerize the audience with both his words, such as metaphors and repetition, and in some cases his non-violent imagery.

Martin Luther King’s ‘I Have a Dream’ Speech was his way of putting racism in the spotlight. He hoped that through this speech he could persuade everyone in America to stop discriminating against all races.

Martin Luther King Essay Thesis Statement

Men and women of all ages, ethnicities, and races will find their voice in this empowering activist. He focused his efforts on people he believed were in positions of power who could make a difference in terms of slavery law. He also believed that these individuals should create positions based on skills rather than the color of people’s skin. Some of these words are from the Alabama State Constitution, with other words from Martin Luther King Jr., who spoke on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial during a speech in 1963.

In the Speech, Martin Luther King Jr. shares his anger and intense sense of injustice towards the police forces who are hand-in-hand with the lack of justice afforded to others. He also focuses on not only white people, but people in positions of power, such as the governor of Alabama, who is turning a blind eye to his subjects’ deeds.

No one likes to hear language that’s unappealing, but as my friend says, “I’d save all the yelling for someone who actually cares.” In this case, our friend is probably being a bit rough on the governor. But let’s face it: we all have deep thought especially when there is something in the eye of the beholder.

“One day, little black girls and boys can join hands with all the other white girls and boys. As brothers and sisters, they will change the world one story at a time” I have a Dream is the phrase Martin Luther King repeats throughout his speech. He wants to live in a world that does not discriminate against people, so he is continuously fighting for a better and more hopeful future. When writing a speech or essay, you should use anaphora to put emphasis on something.

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