Racism Essay

Some Americans believe racism does not exist in America, but it is alive. Read on to know how does racism works?

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Sample Essay On Racism

People are treated unfairly based on the race profile of an individual who is discriminated against. Racial prejudice is usually caused by an individual’s belief that his or her racial group is superior to others’. Since the colonial era until present day, racism has been a part of the fabric of our country.

The enslavement of Africans and the enslavement of Native Americans formed the foundation of this country built on racism. In this essay, I will discuss racism as a major issue in America. Over the centuries, Caucasian people have enjoyed legal and social privileges not enjoyed by other races.

The slave trade has had a significant impact on American economic development and on the beliefs of those in power. Social stereotypes are formed when we hear generalizations, even positive ones. Racism can be attributed to a number of factors. Individuals learn behaviors based on their environment.

The instinctual reaction to protect species is the desire to relate to and be comfortable with those that are similar to their appearance and behavior. When our culture, family, and identity are threatened, we feel threatened naturally.

In order to protect all of these things, racism is what humans naturally do. Prejudice and inferiority are immediately perceived in anything that does not fit into one group of people.

There is a fear in humans that they will be replaced by someone more attractive and desirable than they are. People feel unworthy when they are replaced by someone who is better than them. Racism is contributed by fear, especially loss, which causes a person to perceive differences between people and as a threat to their rights and freedoms.

Racism in the world is perpetuated by ignorance. In some cultures, things are seen as right even if they are morally wrong. People who see their actions as correct will not see anything wrong with them. Educating people and educating them about the consequences of their actions is the only way to stop this ignorance.

Racism will continue to thrive until ignorance is eradicated. People who are the most racist tend to lack confidence, self-esteem, and most importantly, self-love. The racist throws all of his or her negative feelings at vulnerable and weak people. People can appreciate others when they love themselves and appreciate who they are as individuals.

Racism is a feeling of worthlessness, victimization, and lack of opportunities. When someone feels like they are a failure, they need to scapegoat someone who is weaker than themselves to feel better. Humans who are racist often feel insignificant, isolated, and they feel comfortable blaming others.

There is no social act that causes racism, only individual acts. Only by addressing the actions of an individual can racism be eradicated. Humanity has been plagued by racism since the beginning of time. Our past is haunted by it, and our future is at risk as well. In spite of the fact that most of us are racist, there are many people on earth who do not know what causes it.

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