Opinion Writing: A Worldclass Guide For Writing An Opinion Essay

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An opinion essay is an academic writing that requires students to jot down their ideas on a specific topic. They must include relevant instances and explanations to support their argument. Before beginning an opinion paper, it is crucial to first understand the definition, prerequisites, themes, and structure. One may use opinion essay examples which are really beneficial. 

If you have been given an opinion essay assignment, go through this article to discover how to compose an opinion essay like a specialist.

Opinion Essay: Definition

It is an assignment that basically allows the students to express their thoughts on a specific topic. Students should articulate their thoughts precisely along with presenting unbiased logic-based opinions on field-related issues. It is important to provide references to support the writer’s statements on some of these topics. 

Opinion writing entails the usage of a student’s point of view, which is divided into points. It’s supported with examples and explanations. The paper addresses the audience directly by saying “Dear Readers” or something to that effect. A lecture, book, or play is mentioned in the beginning. This is usually followed by a rhetorical inquiry or something similar to that.

Why Do Students Have To Write An Opinion Essay?

The goal of this essay style is to elicit your thoughts on specific subjects and situations. An opinion essay is basically a formal piece of writing. You must communicate your opinions while providing strong reasoning and valid reasons in this piece of writing.

This will also help pupils build their critical reading abilities because they will be able to spot when other writers make unjustified assertions. Opinions supported by evidence assist/guide the reader through the writer’s thought paths, making the writing more compelling as a whole.

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What Are The Dos And Don’ts Of An Opinion Essay?

Here are some basic dos and don’ts of an opinion essay that will make your writing more effective.

Do’s Of An Opinion Essay:

  • Use a formal tone. Write your work as if you were delivering a major speech.
  • It would help if you did not use slang and jargon.
  • Introduce the topic succinctly. Avoid redundant phrases and irrelevant facts that have nothing to do with the issue.
  • Outline the significant points. Every paragraph must begin with a clear topic sentence.
  • Use generalizations wherever it is appropriate.
  • When writing an opinion piece, use the present tense.
  • Ensure to cite your sources correctly in the right format.
  • Keep it brief while mainly writing the conclusion section. Unless you feel like a professional typer, you can use specialized tools to do the needful.
  • Be rational and make sure there is a logical sequence that your viewers can easily follow.

Don’ts Of An Opinion Essay:

  • Avoid using colloquial language. Jargon words come and go swiftly, despite the fact that slang is expressive and vibrant.
  • Don’t use abbreviations; Replace the contractions with their non-contracted counterparts.
  • Don’t make broad generalizations. Maintain extreme precision.
  • Don’t use statistics without proper citation.
  • Don’t use any personal instances. Maintain a formal writing style and tone.
  • Arguments should not be repeated. If you have several related facts, combine them into a single argument.
  • Avoid acronyms that are superfluous since your reader must be able to understand what you’re writing.
  • Don’t overuse simple and short statements as they are not common in scholarly writing.
  • Do not express urgency in your writing or tone. 
  • Exclamation points, parentheses, and dashes should be avoided. Be as discrete as possible.
  • Avoid referring to your readers as “you.”
  • Don’t use passionate language.

Opinion Paper Topics

Before learning about the format, it is necessary to select from various opinion essay subjects. It is pretty simple to choose an essay topic. It is best to choose an opinion issue that you are interested in or passionate about. Otherwise, the writing process may get tedious. This also ensures that your opinion paper is compelling and very well-written.

  • How do sports differ from traditional board games?
  • Why should we be truthful with our colleagues?
  • Is it improper to use animals in circus performances?
  • Is it mandatory for everyone to vote for their leader?
  • Should everyone be entitled to a four-day workweek?
  • Should everyone become a vegetarian?
  • Is a CEO of a company paid too much?
  • Should teen sleepovers be prohibited?
  • What are the most fuel-efficient and safest vehicles in 2023 according to you?
  • The benefits and drawbacks of daylight saving time

These are some of the topics which you can try out or practice. However, you can also opt for assignments if your professor hasn’t assigned any topic.

Opinion Essay Structure

When writing opinion paragraphs, students may have difficulty with the format. The five-paragraph essay format is usually effective for opinion articles. It can be difficult for beginners to figure out what to include in each section. This is why novices must adhere to the opinion essay structure.


  • State the topic by addressing the audience
  • You may cite a speech, poetry, book, or drama.
  • In brackets, include the author’s name and the year of publication.


  • 1 or 2 phrases to compose a brief description
  • 1 or 2 sentences summarizing the full paper
  • 1 sentence relating to the first body paragraph

1st body paragraph

  • Support arguments with examples and explanation
  • A sentence/phrase that connects to the second body paragraph

2nd body paragraph

  • Support arguments with examples and explanation
  • A sentence/phrase that correlates to the next i.e., the third body paragraph

3rd body paragraph

  • Support arguments with examples and explanation
  • A sentence/phrase that connects to the conclusion 


  • Summary of the whole paper
  • A conclusive sentence

Opinion Essay Examples

Reading opinion essay examples can help you learn more about this writing style by showing you exactly how this type of essay is produced. Examine our samples to gain a comprehension of this type of academic writing.

Sample 1: Poverty opinion essay: Effect of Covid-19 on Poverty 

Poverty is referred to as the condition of not being able to meet basic needs like food, water, and shelter. It is present in every country, to varying degrees, and is unlikely to disappear any time soon. The United States, which is regarded as one of the wealthiest countries in the world, is no exception either. 

The country has been battling poverty issues for a long time. And as of the 2019 census, there are 34 million people who live in poverty. This stands as a testament to the statement made by Ronald Reagan – “We fought a war on poverty, and poverty won.”

When looking at the US poverty history, one sees that it recorded its highest poverty rate in the late 1950s, at 22%. Over the years, the rate declined steadily, hitting a low of 11.1% in 1973. However, the rate soared to nearly 15%, i.e., three times – in 1983, 1993, and 2011 before hitting an all-time low of 10.5% (in 2019).

Sample 2: Gun violence speech essay 

Gun violence is a modern-day global human rights issue rampant in the United States of America. The issue threatens the fundamental human right – the right to live. 

Simply put, gun-related violence is an act of violence committed by using firearms such as shotguns, pistols, assault rifles, or machine guns.

When speaking about gun violence, it is usually assumed as murder. However, it is not restricted to murder alone. Instead, acts of gun violence include domestic violence, suicide, and intentional homicide. Apart from these, police brutality, robbery, assault, and accidental firefighter deaths are also included in weapon violence.

One of the top reasons for this is the easy accessibility of firearms. The Pew Research Center Survey states that 4 in 10 American adults possess guns. Furthermore, many studies have found a positive correlation between gun ownership and gun-related homicides and suicides.


An opinion essay is one of the types of academic assignments in which students are asked to express their thoughts on a particular issue. They must support their opinions or thoughts with a logical explanation and illustration. Increasing your knowledge is an effective technique for writing an opinion paper in a perfect way.

It is critical to refer to the essential facts before starting to write anything. This mainly includes the subjects, definitions, opinion writing examples, and requirements. Doing so elevates novice authors to master writers.

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