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When writing a political essay, students are caught between a rock and a hard place. If the facilitator chooses the essay topic or essay ideas for you, then you may be dissatisfied and find it tedious or complicated. On the other hand, if you are allowed to select your own topic, you may become even more frustrated. Politics is a vast and diverse subject with numerous essay topics on politics to choose from, making it difficult to choose the right one to tackle.

Politics is the science of governing an administration or nation, and it includes government activities. Individuals in politics exercise control over the country’s internal and external affairs. Furthermore, politics refers to how politicians manipulate people and persuade citizens on issues that affect them. Politics has captivated and occupied the attention of most philosophers.

If you’ve been assigned a political essay, look no further—this article will help you ace it. Here is a list of intriguing essay topics on politics to write about.

Political Essay Topics

You should be well-versed in political science, history, military strategy, economics, psychology, and public relations in order to write an interesting political essay. You must also understand how society works.

Although you are constrained by the number of pages and the amount of time available, you should only bite what you can chew. Choose a specific occurrence and conduct extensive research on it. 

When learning how to write a political essay, it is critical to understand that while facts remain constant, their interpretation shifts with the development of society and the passage of time. Finally, don’t put your faith in your attitude because political essay topics may replace it. You can use the list below to help you write your political essay or to spark new ideas.

Some Basic Political Essay Topics

Here are some general ideas for your political essay. Many students choose to write a political ideology essay.

Broader topics, on the other hand, cover the links between politics and other institutions such as the church, religion, history, philosophy, and so on.

  • When and how did politics emerge?
  • The relationship between politics and religion.
  • World electoral systems are compared.
  • The most powerful political figure of the twentieth century.
  • The most significant political decision in your country’s history.
  • Globalization or nationalism is better for the world.
  • The benefits and drawbacks of democracy
  • There is a link between morality and power.
  • Terrorism as a political tool
  • Totalitarianism has both advantages and disadvantages.
  • The environmental issue in your country’s politics.
  • The last ten years’ impact of international relations on your country.
  • Politics change during a war.
  • The political philosophy.
  • The advantages and disadvantages of your country’s political system.
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Political Socialization Essay Topics

Typically, socialization topics cover a wide range of societal and personal issues. In terms of the political context, these topics can be linked to people or specific groups of people.

  • Politics psychology.
  • Are civil wars the result of national politicians’ failures?
  • What methods do you know for reducing corruption in your country?
  • What makes many people all over the world believe that politics is immoral?
  • Is gender discrimination a factor in your country’s politics?
  • What do you feel is the ideal political system?
  • How do cultural norms affect politics in various countries?
  • Should social movements influence politics?
  • Politics and the media have connections.
  • Political scandals: advantages and disadvantages
  • Are strikes and protests an effective way to influence government policy?
  • How should the government regulate internet privacy and security?
  • Your stance on the death penalty.
  • Do your citizens have adequate civil rights?
  • The benefits and drawbacks of legalizing drugs

Political Science Essay Topics

Because the topics listed below are scientific, they would almost certainly necessitate reading a substantial amount of literature on political history and development.

Students usually come here for thematic essays on political systems, but we’ll try to offer something more interesting.

It can be a difficult assignment, but if you enjoy studying history and being extremely accurate, this is the job for you!

  • Describe the processes of democratization.
  • Political development in your country.
  • An examination of the phenomenon of civil wars.
  • Political conflict’s nature.
  • The political party system in your country.
  • International relations history
  • Non-state actors’ influence on the international stage
  • An examination of modern international relations.
  • The idea of power balance.
  • Contemporary conflict science.
  • Conflicts in international law
  • Political thought from antiquity, Asia, Islam, and Christianity.
  • Your country’s state and local governments.
  • The establishment of your country’s political system.
  • Your country’s foreign policy.

Note: Also check out our blog on “How To Write A Presidential Speech” for more knowledge empowerment.

Political Argumentative Essay Topics

Aren’t argumentative topics fascinating? If you choose one, you will undoubtedly spark a heated debate about it.

Typically, there are two choices: for or against, yes or no, one side or the other.

You should give it a shot if you have strong feelings about any political issue. That is for certain. A political corruption essay is a good place to start. However, there’s no reason to stop there.

  • Do you believe that war is always the result of a political decision?
  • Should a politician be merciful or cruel?
  • Is your country making the right decisions?
  • Which is more important to you: people’s privacy or national security?
  • Do you prefer presidential or parliamentary republics?
  • War or diplomacy is more practical nowadays.
  • Can we completely eliminate corruption?
  • Do revolutions do more good or more harm?
  • Are nuclear weapons essential for countries in the twenty-first century?
  • Should the United States build the wall?

Political Persuasive Essay Topics

Do you consider yourself a creative individual? Do you enjoy daydreaming and challenging society’s preconceived notions? If so, a persuasive essay topic is what you require.

In such cases, there can be no right or wrong answer. Diverse viewpoints would be a better description. A political party essay is the most popular among students.

Do you have a unique perspective on it? Cool! Make a note of it.

  • Do you believe in the democracy of your country?
  • Which law would you add to your country’s legislation if you had the chance?
  • Tell us about your state’s most divisive political figure and your feelings toward him or her.
  • Suggestions for dealing with corruption are welcome.
  • What are your insights about the future of politics?
  • Which political party do you support in your country, and why?
  • Which political change or situation has affected you the most in the last year?
  • Consider starting your own political party. What can we expect?
  • What is your country’s most successful international relationship?
  • Tell me how you would create your own state.

Global Political Topics

Global politics is the study of fundamental political ideas on a global scale. This subject combines several social sciences to examine political activity around the world. Choose from the following topics: human rights, development, conflict, and international relations.

  • Why did Reporters Without Borders create a Minecraft library?
  • How powerful are non-governmental organizations?
  • What are the primary functions of the United Nations?
  • Discuss the impact of the 2015 migrant crisis on European politics.
  • What are the disadvantages of being a stateless person?
  • In the 1950s and 1960s, Africa experienced socialism.
  • Is America’s relationship with its European allies deteriorating?
  • What exactly is the Human Development Index (HDI)?
  • Describe the three stages of democratization.
  • Why do some countries suffer more than others from terrorism?
  • Discuss the African Union’s conflict resolution methods.
  • When does a crisis warrant international intervention?
  • Follow the events of Belarus’ 2020 election.
  • What caused the war in the Eastern Mediterranean?
  • Discuss the significance of gender in modern Africa.


A political essay seeks to provide answers to questions about a specific political event or process. It can also forecast future developments and analyze past events. Choosing the right topic necessitates superior analytical abilities as well as extensive knowledge of international relations and world history. It would help if you started with the understanding that politics is more than just interaction and human action. Beliefs, principles, and rational planning are also involved. As a result, research is an essential component.

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