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Process essays are something universal, and they are used both for academic purposes and real-life scenarios. It incorporates the entire procedure of a particular task. Colleges and high schools assign a process essay to their students to check their skills and determinations. Meanwhile, several companies, businesses, bloggers, etc., use it for giving or getting instructions or tutorials regarding a specific topic.

Process essays come with a wide array of topics to choose that’s why people prefer writing this type of essay. Another thing that makes a process essay beneficial is that it’s less time-consuming and to the point. What’s more is that whatever topic it is, the process for writing a process essay would be the same. 

For example, if you want to try cooking something, you will look for instructions to know what steps to follow to cook it. Each step that follows the previous ones supports and influences the latter. 

To write the best process essay, you have to follow a proper step-by-step organization of the content that you write. A mistake in a single step can make your process essay improper. Hence, you have to write down the steps effectively with all the required details.

That’s where most people fail- the writing part. When writing a process essay, you might find that as easy as it seems, it’s not simple. You have to pay attention to the minute details and write each step correctly and effectively. 

So, to write a coherent and high-quality process essay, you need knowledge of process essay writing and effective ways to write it. So, let’s first discuss the process of essay writing and then get to its ways.

What’s A Process Essay?

The first step towards writing an effective and understandable process essay is knowing what it is. A process essay is simply another variation of a how-to-essay where the writer describes the process of a specific activity. It lets the reader understand how a procedure gets carried out.

After the basics, let’s come to the details. An effective process essay leads its reader through chronological order. You can also call it a step-by-step guide for doing something specific, such as cooking something or building something. It’s a way of informing beginners or inexperienced people about how they can do a particular procedure. 

A process essay also comes with quality technical documents. In such an essay, you will;l notice some common words such as “next, “later,” “after that,” “eventually,” “finally,” etc., for describing each step incorporated in it. The features that make a process essay distinct from other types of essays are:

  • Describing steps that readers can follow
  • Processes mentioned in a chronological order
  • All the steps mentioned in a fixed order
  • Clarity of narration
  • Includes transition words

Pick A Topic And Research

The topic matters a lot when creating compelling essays; the same goes for a process analysis essay. Picking the topic is an essential step when it comes to writing a process essay. 

The main focus of your process essay should be to inform the audience about a particular way to do something. Always keep in mind that you will be informing the readers of your paper. So, try to include only relevant information regarding the topic you are choosing. 

You can choose a topic regarding a particular cooking/baking recipe, performing an activity, building something, etc. Suppose you are good at baking cakes and you want to share your ways of baking with others. You can keep your topic as “how to bake a chocolate cake” or something like this.

Once you have chosen your ideal topic, you can start researching it. No matter how much experience you may have on the topic you are writing about, research will not harm you. 

Moreover, researching will give you more ideas and newer perspectives on your chosen topic to write more effectively. And if you don’t have enough knowledge about your proceeds essay topic, then also research would be a perfect means to make your resulting essay compelling and reliable for the readers, 

Research how a particular task takes place and put emphasis on its step-by-step procedure. You can even watch some videos and tutorials on it or read some certified pdfs. Gain as much information as you can, take notes, and then put your words in the document. 

Create An Outline

Once you are satisfied with your research and the chosen topic, you can move on to the next part. In this part, you will be creating a process essay outline. It will act as the baseline for your process essay.

 Moreover, it will let you determine precisely where you will write the process essay. It prevents you from any confusion later in the writing process of the process essay. 

It’s a hassle-free way to create an outline that can list the parts you will write your process essay. When creating a process essay outline, divide it into three parts and then plan those three parts. The three parts include an introduction, body, and conclusion, just like every other academic essay. 

What’s more, adding bullet points is the best idea to make your process essay perfect. You should add all the essential concepts that you want to deliver to the readers. 

Don’t try adding fillers to a process and add more details in place of filler. It will add quality to your essay. Let’s discuss how you can make each part of the process essay outline perfect:

Introductory Part

The first part of your process essay that your audience will be seeing is the introduction. It will let the readers decide whether they want to read it further. Hence, it should be attention-grabbing and helpful for the readers. 

For example, suppose you are describing a recipe for a red velvet cake. You might want to start your essay with, “Red velvet cake is an incredible cake that comes in red without any added colors and has an unbelievably smooth and velvety texture.” So it is very important to know how to write an essay introduction. By keeping a lively and friendly tone, you can stimulate the readers to read further.

Body Paragraph

When you’ve reached the body part of your essay, you should first look into your outline to get an idea of what you want to add next. You can then divide the body of your process analysis essay into different parts based on the steps you will add to it. 

In such an essay, the planning and order of the paragraphs should be precise and clear. Add each step the readers must follow and divide your body paragraphs into those parts. Suppose you are writing a process essay on the topic, “How to write a velvet cake,” your body paragraph outline should look like this:

  • Prepare a list of ingredients
  • Pre-preparations for baking
  • Prepare a cake batter
  • Stir and add other ingredients
  • Add more and mix mix mix
  • Fill, smoothen, and bake
  • Decorate and add frostings
  • Serve the delight

These simple yet effective parts will ease up how you write the essay. You can then fill these sub-topics by adding the details. The same goes for any topic for a process essay.

Concluding Section

What is the importance of the topic? This question is what you should focus on answering in the conclusion section. It’s to remind your audience why the whole time-consuming process was beneficial for them. 

For example, you can begin the concluding part with, “And we are done! You’ve baked yourself the delicious and delightful red velvet cake full of love. Next, you can try different types of cake or try baking red velvet cake again in different techniques”. 

Steps For Writing A Process Essay

There are specific simple yet effective steps to ensure writing a good process essay without much complexity or confusion. The highest school and college students get stuck in the steps they must follow to write a process essay. Hence, find below the simple steps to process essay writing.

Determine Your Audience

First, think about what type of audience to read your paper and what you will expect from it. Thinking about this will help you ensure how you will be writing the essay. Suppose that your audience isn’t much educated on the topic, then you would have to elaborate on details for them to understand it. Also, determining the type of audience will let you know what kind of language you should use while writing your paper.

Plan For The Writing

Once you know your audience, you can plan how you will write the essay. You can start by researching your topic. You can start with getting info on the tools, materials, or ingredients the readers will need to follow your process essay’s steps. That way, you will be able to list it out appropriately in the paper. 

Create A Structure

Then you can create a process essay structure or outline, which will act as the skeleton for your entire essay. Then you can also plan on each step that you will be listing down in the paper. If you make a structure for all this in advance, you can return to it while writing. It will make the task much less complex for you. 

Write It Down

Once you are done with the prewriting preparations, you can start writing. Pen down all the points and details as per the outline/structure that you have created. When writing a process essay, don’t add any unnecessary information relevant to the topic. It might confuse the readers and disinterest them.

Instead, focus on starting your essay with a blast by greeting with a hooking sentence. The introductory paragraph should make the reader feel like, “This essay will help me to get more knowledge on this topic.” So, give readers some clue on what you will add to the essay, and then go with the flow in the other paragraphs. 

Tips For Writing The Best Process Essay

If you want to wrap up your process essay without any complexities, you can follow some professional tips for your paper. Some of the best tips for a process essay include:

  • Maintain simplicity: If your essay is simple, the reader will understand the steps clearly. Otherwise, they might get confused and look for other ways to do their task. It won’t be a good deal for you.
  • Use simple and direct sentences: Don’t add complex sentences all at once. Try to write short sentences that can effectively determine what you are trying to say through your essay. Long sentences may also make the readers confused and even bored. 
  • Add proper details: Add details you think most people don’t know about the topic and avoid adding irrelevant information. 
  • Use resources: Use as many resources as you want and research well for the topic. It can help you get accuracy in your writing which is very important in a processed essay. You wouldn’t want a reader to use your paper to do a task and fail because you failed to write down the accurate details. It would leave a wrong impression on those reading your essay and implementing it for practical use. 
  • Keep a consistent flow: When writing each step in the essay, ensure that you maintain a flow among all the steps. It helps you to ensure that some actions don’t stand out of place. 
  • Avoid imperative sentences: Using imperative sentences isn’t a good idea. The readers will feel like they are reading a manual. It can bore them out, thus leading to fewer readers.


Hence, we can say that writing a simple process essay requires proper knowledge. Without having enough understanding of your essay topic, you can’t write one at all. Before writing, ensure that you know what a process essay is and what steps to follow while writing it. 

It also includes creating a process essay outline or structure and proofreading once the writing part is complete. Hence, get all the info you can on the topic, do the needful, and start writing your process essay now. Ensure taking breaks in between to let your brain rest.

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