Childhood Obesity Essay

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Childhood Obesity In America Essay

In recent years, Michelle Obama has participated in a number of initiatives aimed at improving childhood obesity, including several initiatives that have been initiated to reduce childhood obesity. Diabetes has become more common among children and adults over the past decade.

In order to prevent childhood obesity, children need to maintain a healthy lifestyle and engage in adequate physical activity.

There are 12.7 million obese children in the United States, according to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC). Obesity causes many health problems and high costs of medical care.

According to the CDC, about $150 billion (USD) is spent annually on treating obesity-related health issues in children.

A higher percentage of obese children is found among Hispanic children (25.8%), and Asian children (11%).

The World Health Organization reports that childhood obesity increases the risk of death and disability among children and will continue into adulthood.

In addition to bone damage, breathing difficulties, and cardiovascular disease, they are at a greater risk of developing obesity.

It is a myth that genetics contribute to childhood obesity. Genetics only complicate weight loss because a person is more susceptible to gaining weight. In the past, retaining weight was probably a great trait, as fat stored so that a person would not feel hungry for a long time(2016), according to, a health information site.

Having this trait would have allowed a person to find food longer without feeling hungry. In spite of the fact that this genetic trait makes weight easy to store, it does not always result in obesity, as long as a person exercises regularly and lives a healthy lifestyle. People without this trait can even become obese if they do not exercise.

Children who suffer from Prader-Willi syndrome become obese (MedlinePlus, 2016). Because they listen to their bodies, children are generally aware of when to stop eating. The Prader-Willi syndrome is a genetic disorder that causes a constant feeling of hunger, as well as other abnormalities, at birth.

The risk of obesity increases with genetic disorders, but they don’t cause it. Individuals with genetic disorders should be aware of their limits in terms of how much food they can consume.

Childhood obesity can also cause other problems, including physiological and social ones. In overweight and obese children, bullying behaviors are more likely to occur than in normal weight children, which can lead to physiological and social disturbances.

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