Diabetes Essay

Know the early symptoms of diabetes, the root cause, and how it affects our body through this short diabetes essay.

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Free Essay On Diabetes

Diabetes is a  metabolic disease that affects how your body turns food into energy and is a known condition even to famous celebrities. During the third century B.C.E. This condition was called “madhumeha,” meaning “honey urine.”  

The most common symptoms of diabetes are frequent urination (especially at night), unintentional weight loss, UTI or Yeast Infection for females, Intense hunger or thirst, numbness or tingling hands or feet, slow healing of wounds, extreme exhaustion, and dry skin. 

The root cause of diabetes is still unknown. When our pancreas cannot create a sufficient amount of insulin, glucose which was produced by foods we eat, cannot reach the cells and can’t be used for energy. Since the one who supplies our cells, muscles, and tissues with energy gets stuck in our blood, we can feel extreme fatigue, and we may experience other health complications such as stroke, kidney failure, heart attack, nerve problems, foot problems, and dental problems.

This is why people who have been diagnosed with diabetes were classified based on their types; the considered “critical” stage of diabetes is Type 1 diabetes. They receive Insulin pumps every now and then to make sure their body can function the same way.

The common age to get diabetes is ages 45 and up. Still, it is also possible to be diagnosed with diabetes as early as 5 years old if you have a family history of being diabetic or overweight. 

In conclusion, diabetic or not, we still need to watch our daily lifestyle and daily food intake. Exercise, enough sleep, drinking plenty of water, and eating healthy foods still never go out of style in avoiding other possible health complications.

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