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Essay On Fake News

We use a lot of information available on the internet every day. Recent years have seen a rise in fake news in American and international society. A sophisticated disinformation campaign spread divisive messages on Facebook during the July 2018 midterm elections.

A Facebook report states that 32 pages were created between March and May of 2018 with ads, events, and regular posts on fascism and feminism.

During the 2016 election, Facebook was flooded with disinformation from Russian operatives associated with the Internet Research Agency (IRA).

Facebook isn’t the only place where fake news is spread. Platforms are increasingly spreading fake news. False news can be entertaining or just a way to confuse people.

The Daily Show, one of the most popular websites online, was one example of what we watched. Trevor Noah hosts “The Daily Show,” which features news, pop culture, politics, and other stories. Fake news is presented differently in this news program than on the official website.

On the other hand, some news shows are not factual. Stories designed to attract attention are made up. In a video viewed by 14 million people on Facebook, a plane flips 360 degrees in a huge storm before landing safely. Computer-generated video created by artist Aristomenis Tsirbas was used in a Facebook video viewed nearly 14 million times (MeniThings Productions 2015).

As a response to these findings (Bakir 2017), recent risk management initiatives have enacted controversial “fake news” laws (Bremmer 2018).

Media literacy is also a proposed primary pillar of education (2017, Select Committee of Communication). False information should also be prevented from spreading before it can. False news is a subject that draws many suggestions on how to prevent it, but it is also a subject that many writers enjoy writing.

It seems as though the journey is endless. Fake news is one of the hardest things to combat. Gianni Riotta, a columnist at La Stampa in Italian, writes that those who spread fake news aren’t college graduates, don’t live in cities, and don’t buy books. In today’s world, it is frightening how few people have college degrees. People will continue to believe fake news as it grows.

The 2016 election has seen a rise in fake news reports. The witch hunt against fake news started after the election, and it has been going on ever since. Fake news has taken over because of this feeling of truthfulness. In other words, truthiness is a feeling rather than a fact.

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