The Man Who was Called “X”: A Malcolm X Essay

This another take of many Malcolm X essay thesis will talk all about what this child had to go through and accomplished before his life was cut short at 39.

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Malcolm Little and His Big Journey

This essay is all about a brilliant young boy from Omaha, Nebraska, Malcolm Little. On May 19, 1925, Earl and Louise Little welcomed their fourth child–Malcolm Little. It can be deduced that Malcolm got his guts for service and leadership from his parents. Earl Little served as a Baptist minister, and was president of the Garvey’s Universal Negro Improvement Association-Omaha Chapter, where his wife, Louise worked as division secretary.

The early exposure to main guardians being assertive, hard-working, and principle-heavy was the perfect breeding ground for a future activist.

But, no seemingly ideal family comes without tragedy.

Malcolm Little’s father was murdered, allegedly, by white supremacists, when he was still young. It may be because of this traumatic event that Louise Little suffered mental health issues and was institutionalized. Due to these circumstances, Malcolm and his siblings had to be distributed among their relatives and foster homes. Malcolm also had to drop out of school when he was in eighth grade due to racial discrimination by his teachers.

After all that, Malcolm faced 10-year incarceration for burglary in 1946. All these back-to-back blows on his life may have shaped Malcolm X into existence.

Malcolm Little to Malcolm X

During his time in prison, Malcolm was introduced to the Nation of Islam by his brother. As he deepened his study about NOI and Elijah Muhammad’s teachings, Malcolm became a devout follower. Right after his release, Malcolm officially joined Islam and later on chose to change his name into el-Hajj Malik el-Shabazz, and Malcolm X. This is to drop the slave name and to officially wage war against the White oppression of his race. He also gave his heart to and married Betty Sanders. They had six children, all daughters.

Malcolm X established NOI’s newspaper in his basement and required male members to sell copies where he wrote about NOI’s doctrines that taught about the “evil of whites” and that Blacks are innately superior. This strategy not only helped spread the teachings and recruit members, but also raised funds for NOI.

By 1960’s, Malcolm X’s fame as a Black-Muslim activist rose while tension between him and Elijah Muhammad rose as well.

When Malcolm X declared to the public that JFK’s assassination was a situation of “chickens coming home to roost”, this brought bad publicity to the Nation of Islam. Elijah Muhammad had to silence Malcolm X for 90 days because of the public outrage his statement created. This caused Malcolm X to abandon NOI and its doctrines.

This conflict did not stop Malcolm X from continuing his passion for Muslim faith and uplifting Black rights. He encouraged the message that Orthodox Islam is the answer to the Blacks’ racial oppression.

He founded “Organization of Afro-American Unity” with the backing of “Organization of African Unity” of Africa. Malcolm utilized this organization as a vehicle for his human rights cause.

Malcolm X’s fervent dedication to combat racial discrimination against the Black Community constantly collided–either in a best or worst way–with Martin Luther King, Jr.’s own parade. Malcolm’s way was more aggressive, which King disagrees with. Despite their different methods, it can be agreed that both are passionate about lifting the Black Community and overall human rights equality, and were both successfully influential. 

However, Malcolm X’s ghost from his rough break-up with NOI went haunting him in 1965. After years of death threats and unabashed violence against him, Malcolm X was finally assassinated on February 21, 1965. It was during his speech at the Audubon Ballroom in Washington Heights. The three convicted suspects were active male members of Nation of Islam. Although, two of these men were later on exonerated due to persistent doubt about their involvement in the murder.

What were his actions’ impact in the world then and today?

Ironically for the people who arranged it, Malcolm X’s assassination had made him more of a hero for the Black Community, especially for the youth. Malcolm X’s years of preaching ideologies and leading protests gained power through the publication of his acclaimed autobiography, “The Autobiography of Malcolm X” (1965), which was acquired widespread throughout the community.

Malcolm X’s dedication to annihilate the harsh racism against the Black Community not only inspired the people who supported him way back in the sixties, but also provided a strong foundation for the 22nd century’s Black Community.

Among many others who stood up for their right to the American Dream, Malcolm X’s legacy and one big step shall fuel the fire to burn down racism for good.

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