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Learn more about managing your stress through this short Stress Management Essay.

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Stress Management Essay: Knowing the Basics To Be Stress-Free

There is no such thing as a stress-free life. No evidence has ever been presented which suggests that a stress-free life can ever be achieved. Stress can be managed, relieved, and lessened, but never eliminated.

—Gudjon Bergmann

Who among us hasn’t experienced stress? We all are prone to one, no matter how much we avoid it. We are all vulnerable and need a support system. Babies get stressed, little kids get stressed, and even dogs and cats get stressed. It’s normal, and it will pass. 

Stress can cause a change in physical aspects and emotional or psychological pressure on a person. It is our body’s way of telling us that we need special care, attention, or action. As said before, we all experience stress. However, the way we respond to stress makes a big difference in our overall well-being.

We all have different reactions to stress, so one’s symptoms might differ from others. Although research says that a small amount of stress is good and helps us protect ourselves, too much exposure to stress might affect both our body and brain. Too much stress can also overwhelm us and cause a fight-or-flight response. These reasons allow us to know and identify stress to help ourselves cope. 

Many situations can lead to your stress, and this stress can produce physiological changes that influence your overall physical, mental, and emotional health. Depression is more serious and long-lasting than stress and necessitates a different type of treatment.

Elevated stress levels might show severe symptoms such as, but are not limited to: Difficulty in breathing, Panic attacks. Blurred eyesight or sore eyes. Sleep problems. Fatigue, Muscle aches and headaches, Chest pains and high blood pressure, Indigestion, or heartburn.

Prolonged exposure to stress might weaken your immune system and cause you to get sick relatively quickly. Long exposure to stress can also increase your risk of developing heart disease and cancer. One study proved that stress is one of the causes of 60 to 80 percent of doctor’s office visits.

Stress Management

Adapting to the lifestyle during the pandemic is a tough challenge. Handling the fear of catching the virus and worrying about persons close to us who are more vulnerable is difficult for all of us. They can be especially difficult for persons suffering from mental illnesses. Here are some of the things you need to consider to fight stress. 

  1. Be consistent in your sleeping habits.
  2. Create a daily routine you can easily follow.
  3. Eat Healthily.
  4. Connect with your friends or loved ones.
  5. Stretch your body, do warm-ups, and exercise.
  6. Lessen your screen time, and avoid using too much social media. 
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