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Symbolic Essay Examples

Symbols in literature can help readers gain a better understanding of the characters, as symbols can often be used to represent certain aspects or qualities. For example, an author may use the color white to symbolize purity and innocence; a character wearing this color could very well be seen as pure or innocent throughout the course of the story.

In addition, symbolism is also used to give details about setting and atmosphere. A stormy sky may represent turmoil and distress, while a sunny day might suggest joy and happiness. All these little details contribute to creating an immersive experience for readers that they would not otherwise get just by reading words alone. Let’s take an example and look at it:

The physical objects in the story, like the hills and white elephants, symbolize a larger underlining meaning. The hills represent the struggle of making a decision between having an abortion or not. Through Hemingway’s thoughtful use of symbolism, readers are able to infer that these two characters are discussing whether or not they should go through with an abortion. This is further highlighted by their conversation revolving around ‘the thing’ which clearly references to it without saying it directly.

Symbolism plays an important role in conveying deeper meanings and thoughts when authors don’t want to specifically pinpoint exactly what they’re talking about. It creates an interesting way for readers to uncover what themes the author is trying to convey while still keeping them guessing. These stories prove how sometimes all it takes is one object or phrase for authors to cleverly hint at something much bigger than meets the eye- giving us insight into life’s complexities we would never have noticed otherwise.

It also helped keep them engaged by creating suspense throughout the narrative. Hemingway pioneered this unique style of writing which has since been adapted and utilized by many authors worldwide. By cutting back on exposition and centering his stories around dialogue, he crafted tales that were both entertaining and thought-provoking at once – something that is still admired today by millions of readers all over the world.

The use of symbolism allows Hemingway to express complex ideas through seemingly simple objects or images. He chose his symbols carefully as they can be interpreted differently depending on perspective, creating multiple layers of meaning throughout the story. For example, the white elephant symbolizes pride which is why Robert’s decision not to shoot one is seen as such a noble gesture; however it also hints at his own vulnerability which further highlights his moral dilemma over taking the shot or not.

Every word matters in literature and it is important for a writer to take into consideration that less is often more when constructing stories or narratives (Sustana, 2018). Taking risks with language will create an interesting narrative that would captivate readers even further than simple words on paper.

The final line of the story is what really brings it all together, “Yes. Isn’t it pretty to think so?” This can be viewed as a statement of sarcasm towards the man, who is trying to convince her that aborting their child would bring them back to an easier life where they could do whatever they want without worrying about the consequences. In this way, Hemingway seems to imply that this kind of thinking and action will never lead anywhere good.

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