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Kite Runner Student Essays

The Kite Runner is a renowned novel by author Khaled Hosseini. The principal theme of this story is redemption. In the Kite Runner, Amir, the protagonist, embarks on an epic journey to redeem himself for his past actions. 

Amir, an Aghani-American, reflects on his childhood and failure to protect his friend Hassan. After twenty-six years, he returns to his homeland Afghanistan to atone for his sins. The story reveals that Amir’s inaction allows the rape of Hassan. 

Amir and Hassan have been inseparable from childhood despite belonging to different sections and social classes. Amir belongs to the Pashtun section, and Hassan is a Hazara who worked as a servant to Amir’s family. Their social status did not affect their relationship. 

Although both are good friends, Amir occasionally shows resentment and bitterness towards Hassan. These feelings arise due to Baba’s affections towards Hassan. Baba and Amir share a strained relationship because Baba constantly criticizes Amir for not being manly enough. 

Amir feels that Baba blames him for his mother’s death, who died giving birth. Seeing Baba shower love and affection towards Hassan, Amir couldn’t help but feel jealousy towards his friend. However, Baba’s friend Rahim Khan serves as a parental figure to Amir when he fails to receive love from his own father.

Then comes the faithful day that changes Amir’s and Hassan’s life. After the famous kite flying competition, Amir witnesses the rape of Hassan by the neighborhood bully Assef. He doesn’t interfere out of fear; he simply watches while Hassan gets brutalized. 

When Amir returns home, ashamed of his behavior, he decides that he cannot live in the same house as Hassan. He steals money and a wristwatch from Baba and puts them under Hassan’s pillow before calling the police to claim Hassan stole them.

Amir’s failure to defend his friend and his petty actions hereafter heavily weighs his conscience. Eventually, he finds redemption by rescuing Hassan’s son Sohrab from the Taliban. Although Amir was too late to apologize to Hassan, who had already died, he ensured that Sohrab didn’t suffer the same fate as his parents. Saving Hassan’s son was Amir’s path of redemption in the end.

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