Vietnam War Essay

North and South Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia were included in the conflict from the year 1954 to 1975.

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Cold War In Vietnam Essay

The South Vietnamese government fought to modernize the country. The 1950s saw small numbers of American military advisers, but in 1961 they were introduced in large numbers, and in 1965 active combat units were introduced. The number of American soldiers deployed to Vietnam had already risen to thousands by 1969 (Ronald H., Spector).

North Vietnam had a different agenda than South Vietnam, resulting in a battle that proved costly for both sides. As time went on, America was overwhelmed by its increasing casualties and opted to end its involvement in 1973. The North Vietnamese forces had trouble defending themselves without U.S. support, and all of Vietnam fell under their control by 1975.

In addition to communism spreading throughout Asia, including Vietnam, the United States declared war on Vietnam. A direct consequence of the Cold War’s symptoms and consequences was the Vietnam War.

With communism knocking at the door, the North was willing to welcome it in. The South had other plans. In order to prevent communism from spreading, the United States fought the Vietnam War.

In order to be a part of the communist war, the South decided to ally itself with the USA, knowing that the United States is powerful.

Nevertheless, the USSR had client states that were willing to engage in battle when it suited their needs. During Vietnam, the Americans fought, so the USSR could not play Cold War. (Chris, Trueman) However, it supported the Communist cause by arming its own Communist state, China, which, in turn, armed and equipped the North Vietnamese.

As a result of the American and Soviet involvement in the Vietnam War, the situation became much more complicated than just Vietnamese against Vietnamese. Another primary cause was the GoT (Gulf of Tonkin) incident which saw North Vietnamese DRV torpedo boats launch an attack on two US destroyers.

North Vietnamese destroyers attacked our destroyers more because the United States didn’t want communist leadership to take over Vietnam. In my opinion, communist leadership should not be allowed to take over Vietnam. In the United States, communism was compared to a contagious disease.

If communism was holding onto a single nation, contiguous nations would be swept in. Vietnam was feared to be the next Asian domino after China was taken over by the Communist Party in 1949″ (Andrew. J Watter). Aiming to ease the fears of the South about falling to the North, the United States sent aid to help with the war.

Last but not the least, in 1954, a treaty dividing the North and South Vietnamese resulted in the Vietnam War becoming what it is today. He controlled the North and Bao controlled the South when the Geneva conference was held in July 1954. Having signed the treaty, it of course had a big impact in being the catalyst for the Vietnam War.

Both sides would have their differences after the war was over. A communist government or as other people call it a democratic government was unpopular in the South, which led the North to be interested in Communism. Since the two leaders differed, the war between them and their allies became substantially longer.

To conclude, Vietnam was a significant part of American history since it was the longest war in U.S. history until the war in Afghanistan began. However, the war also played a crucial role in World History as participants from all over the world fought each other for the same ultimate cause of communism. Some fought for it, while others fought against it in an effort to prevent the Vietnamese from becoming democratic.

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