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World War 1 Essay Example

World War 1 was the darkest period in history. It was a century marked by wars, the influenza pandemic, the Great Depression, technological advances, and many other important events.

The Cold War ended a period of devastating effects left by war. The Great Depression was the result of many factories closing, resulting in poverty and starvation.

It is estimated that 203,000,000 people died as a result of war, disease, and the Great Depression during the 20th century. As a result, artists started portraying death themes in art, music, and theater as a result of their loss, emotions, and experiences during this time period.

Many people have lost loved ones to war and flu pandemics during this time, which led to the expressionist movement emerging as a way to express artists’ feelings.

This movement influenced many artists, including Edvard Munch and Otto Dix. Both depicted death in their paintings as a reflection of their personal experiences and emotions.

The piece of art does a really good job of provoking our need for closure and understanding. By sheer strength in its silent despair, it leaves us just barely grasping its meaning.

It was a devastating conflict in Germany that left the country in ruin (para 1). During this time, there were many artists out, but Dix and only one other artist were able to express themselves through art. His most famous and signature work was called ‘Das Kriegsbild’ which was his signature work.

Having been raised by middle-class parents, art has always been a passion for Dix. He went to school to learn how to paint, and his cousin became an influence when he was six. The experiences Dix endured throughout his lifetime changed him as an artist, especially during World War I in his later years. There was death on every surface of “Der Krieg,” his most popular painting.

A bloody, cloudy day is the backdrop to soldiers marching toward war. This war claimed many lives. As a result of war, soldiers who survived are suffering physically and psychologically. It proves that only German artists understood the first world war so well, according to Jones (2014), as a terrifying vision of the apocalypse that occurred in Europe 100 years ago.

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